From the Eyes of Roncinante


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 “Over conceits of this sort the poor gentleman lost his wits, and used to lie awake striving to understand them and worm the meaning out of them; what Aristotle himself could not have made out or extracted had he come to life again for that special purpose”.

Don Quixote,

I want people to understand your personality. I want them to see your story from my eyes, my perspective, and my standpoint.

I could neigh all I want but I know that in this world humans can’t understand animals, and I have wished for as long as I can remember that humans could, just as we animals understand you. So in this fictitious world where I could write and you could understand it, I wish to say all I want to you.

Continuously searching for the meaning of things, you have driven yourself mad. You have been reading extensively on books, and you seem to have a thing for books on chivalry. The long tales of the adventures of a knight seem to have piqued your interest. Greatly encouraged by this, you decided to be a knight-errant.

You spent four whole days thinking of a name for me, and it is my pleasure to inform you that I am greatly honored to have been given that name. Every time you call my name, I hear a man with pride calling out his companion, set to do chivalrous things. That is why I am pleased that you have chosen me.

You and I are alike in many ways. We are both far past our prime, a tad bit awkward, and we’re both engaged in activities that are beyond our capacities—you with your quest as a knight, me as your most loyal companion. With this, I say that I am not only your horse, but also your double.

Through many years, I have seen you grow both physically and mentally. After being absorbed in books, you have gained more intellect than the usual man. I adore you, master. The things you understand you see differently, and the things you don’t comprehend you try to understand. People like you are rare—people who try to make sense of everything, not just leaving them be. Master, I wish more people are like you.

People say you have lost your wits. I can’t say that’s untrue, but I have noticed something. You have a unique power, master. With your madness, you see things differently. You transform people’s outward characteristics to match your very own perception of them. You might not understand what I mean here. Let me give you an example. Remember the time we went to that inn, where you thought the inn was a castle? There were two girls in the gate there, and when you greeted them as “maidens”, they laughed. They think that being called “maidens” are way out of their line. But what happened? Yes, they laughed, but try to remember how they treated you—they offered you something to eat, and even helped you when you were having trouble eating. Try to understand just what power you have.

I feel sorry for you every time you are given a strange look by the people you just met. Every time you quote something poetic, their faces distort to a form where it suggests something between disgust and bewilderment. I hate how people ridicule you and your ideas. They fail to see the beauty of having an imagination as wide as the universe itself, because theirs is narrower than the crowded streets. We need people like you in the world, master. People whose imaginations have no limit.

Our time has long passed, and now in modern times I see a similar situation. When I see people roaming the streets, seeming quite out of their own mind, I remember you. Some passers-by say that they are of great intellect too, and my heart aches a little. Seeing them there, with no proper place to stay in, having no clean clothes, where is the justice in this world? Those who can be of help roam the streets helpless. Sometimes I think that maybe their situation is the same as yours, truly, and that is why they were isolated, excluded from what the society calls normal nowadays. I just wish people would try and understand their situation, and preferably help them, just as your neighbour helped you get back to your house when you were beaten down.

Thank you, master, for giving me a different outlook on life, for teaching me not to judge people based on how they look, what they wear, and how they seem.


Your most loyal companion,



sooo i just tried writing a blog entry in a different style hehehe i hope this is okay, though, and you get my message. 🙂



2 thoughts on “From the Eyes of Roncinante

  1. OMG! Can I share this? So, I have taught (we didn’t discuss this haha) this for seven times, and none actually took this interesting angle! I am really impressed with you work! Of course, I get the message! And, can I share this? 🙂


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